Original Cocktails

Inspired by local mountain bike trails and climbing routes.

Sheringham gin, Sheringham vodka, Lillet lemon,
honey syrup  12.5

2 Stroke Smoke
Siete Misterious mezcal, blanco tequila, lime, spiced agave syrup,
Fernet-Branca, chipotle essence  13.5

Seasoned in the Sun
Absolut citron vodka, limoncello thyme syrup, Bitter Sling marrakech
lemon bitters  11.5

Plum Smugglers
Tanquery, Hayman’s sloe gin, Gekkeikan plum wine, all spice yuzu,
honey, Bitter Sling plum & root-beer bitters  11.5

Full Nelson
Zubrowka bison grass vodka, Chartreuse, lemon, apple ginger shrub,
whiskey bitters  12.5

cedar infused rye, Cinzano sweet vermouth, smoked black cardamom,
cherry bitters  12.5

Border Patrol
mezcal, Havana Club rum, pear shrub, lime, mango, orgeat, cilantro,
fennel pollen mist  12.5

Maker’s Mark bourbon, Averna amaro, Aperol, grapefruit, lemon,
orange bitters  12.5

Orange Peel
Grey Goose Orange, Hayman’s sloe gin, spiced rooibos tea, lemon,
passionfruit syrup, orange bitters  13.5

Neat + Cool
Long Table vodka, Fort Berens late harvest Riesling, prosecco, cassis  13.5

Cougar Ridge
peppercorn infused blanco tequlia, pineapple shrub, orange juice, lime,
three chili spice tincture  11.5

Dirty Jane
white pomegranate tea infused gin, St. Gemain elderflower, Chartreuse, lime,
hibiscus, Giffard violette rinse  13.5

Goslings Black Seal rum, passionfruit puree, tamarind syrup lemon, egg white  12.5

Black Dyke
Ron Matusalem rum, Penfolds Tawny, fig balsamic, cherry juice, espresso,
Malagasy chocolate bitters  13.5

Mark My Word
Makers Mark, Four Winds Pilsner, lemon, honey,
grapefruit & hops Sichuan pepper bitters  12.5

Octopus Garden
Cachaca 51, Walter caesar mix, lime, celery bitters, black pepper pickled vegetables
Vancouver Island smoked sea salt rim  11.5

Cheshire Cat
Gillespie’s Raspberry Gin, Hayman’s sloe gin, candy cane beet juice, lemon,
falemum syrup, peach bitters, soda  13.5

Sweet & Sour
Sheringham gin, blackberry schrub, lemon,mint  12.5

Punch Bowls

Pineapple Peel  44.5
pineapple infused pisco, chamomile tea, lime chamomile tincture, rose water

Nineteenth Hole  49.5 
Pimm’s No.1, sloe gin, seasonal fruit, cucumber, ginger beer, orange flower water

Bajan Rum Punch  42.5
Cockspur spiced rum, West Indies syrup, spiced rooibos tea lime + ginger tinture
fresh grated nutmeg

Designated Drivers + Kids’ Cocktails

Raspberry Green Tea Punch  4.5
pomegranate tea, pineapple juice, lime grenadine, rose water

Jamaican Spiced Lemonade  4.5
jamaican tea, lemon, syrup, hibiscus water

Apple Lemon Grass Spritz  4.5
fresh apple juice, lemon grass, apple shrub, soda

Da Lime In Da Coconut  4.5
pineapple juice, orange juice, lime, coconut milk

Vegetable Garden  4.5
Walter Caesar mix, Worcestershire, celery bitter, smoked sea salt, pickled vegetables

Contemporary Classics

Firecracker Margarita
blanco tequila, Cointreau, chili basil syrup hibiscus & orange flower water
smoked sea salt rim  12.5

Sailor’s Delight
Montelobos mezcal, Campari, fresh orange juice, lime, honey syrup  12.5

Asia Daisy
Soho lychee, Tanqueray gin, Giffard Ginger of the Indies, lemongrass
lime zest, coconut cream  12.5

Bacon Bourbon Sour
hickory smoked bacon infused bourbon, lemon apricot syrup
orange bitters, egg white  13.5

Averna Flip
Averna amaro, Postmark stout, egg, French Quarters bitters  13.5

House of Payne
Beefeeter gin, Hayman’s sloe gin, Campari, raspberry coulis  11.5

Hotel Georgia
Tanqueray No.10, lemon juice, orgeat, egg white, orange blossom water
fresh grated nutmeg  13.5

Cuban Negroni
Havana Club 7yr rum, Campari, Cinzano sweet vermouth  12.5

After Dinner Cocktails

Sin City
Baileys, Kahlua, Stolichnaya vanilla, chilled espresso, shaved chocolate  12.5

Ancho Chili Hot Chocolate
Ancho Reyes, Grand Marnier Madagascar dark chocolate, cream  12.5

Scottish Apple Toddy
Ballantine’s, Laphroig, apple cider lemon, winter spice syrup  12.5

Mexican Dram Buidheach
Drambuie, Kahlua, espresso cream, shaved chocolate  12.5

Bitter Sweet Symphony
Amaretto, B+B, espresso cream, toasted almonds  12.5