Dinner Menu


Bread from Tall Tree Bakery, lemon butter, sea salt  5
Mixed Olives marinated with spices  7
Pickled Vegetables assorted  6
Frites parmesan, rosemary, garlic aioli  8


Beets burrata, citrus, granola, greens  15
Cauliflower gratineé, emmental, chorizo, gremolata  9
Soufflé twice-baked, white grace cheese, maple mustard  14
Carrots roasted, spiced yogurt, honey, almonds  9
Risotto mixed mushrooms, mascarpone, parmesan, calamansi  17
Gnocchi stinging nettle, walnuts, lemon brown butter, fig crema  16


Tiger Prawns grilled, gochujang, farro verde, quinoa, lotus root  15
Scallop Crudo confit tomatoes, aji amarillo, yuzu, olives, potato crisps  17
Albacore Tuna grilled rare, fennel, trout roe, polenta, calamansi vinaigrette  27


Pork Vindaloo slow cooked pork belly with spices, israeli couscous, crispy shallots  18
Lamb Sausage beluga lentils, baby kale, grainy mustard  16
Wagyu Meat Balls spiced crème fraiche, mint and cilantro relish, harissa oil  14
Beef Cheek soy glazed, crispy potatoes, carrots, cipollini 25
Charcuterie assorted, pickled mustard seeds, gherkins  14/19
Waygu Beef 9oz flat iron, crispy potatoes, chimichurri, green peppercorn butter  45


Avonlea Clothbound CheddarPEI cow’s milk, unpasteurized, crumbly, aged 1 yr
Valdeón, Spain cow’s and goat’s milk, blue, semi soft, creamy
La Sauvagine, QC cow’s milk, surface ripened, washed rind, buttery, creamy
Mahón, Spain sheep’s milk, firm and crumbly, sharp flavour and pleasing aftertaste
Selection of three served with pear and apple chutney, sourdough  19


Crème Brulee white chocolate, grand marnier, coconut tuille  9
Valrhona Chocolate Cake flourless, passion fruit gel, vanilla ice cream  10

Wagyu Beef

grilled flat iron, red cabbage, smoked sea salt, chimichurri

Scallops Crudo Salted Vine

Scallop Crudo

prosciutto, fennel, cucumber, apple pureé, aji amarillo

Scallops Crudo Salted Vine


assorted, pickled mustard seeds, gherkins