Dinner Menu

For the Table

Oysters fresh, daily selection, mignonette, horseradish  MP

Bread from Tall Tree Bakery, lemon butter, sea salt  5
Warm Olives marinated with herbs, piquillo peppers  8
Pickled Vegetables house madeassorted  7
Frites parmesan, rosemary, garlic aioli  8

To Start

Heirloom Tomatoes burrata cheese, basil pesto, pine nut, mixed greens  17
Soufflé twice-baked, Avonlea cheddar, maple mustard  14
Zucchini Blossoms stuffed with potato, goat cheese and gruyere, ajvar  17
Albacore Tuna seared rare, green beans, aji amarillo, apple puree, potato crisps  18
House Salad mixed greens, radish, puffed farro, ricotta salata  13
Lemon Grass Chicken grilled, nuoc cham, chili oil  18
Charcuterie assorted, pickled mustard seeds, gherkins  15/19


Barley Risotto crimini mushrooms, edamame, pecorino, grana padano  17
Bucatini Vongole manila clams, shaved garlic, shallot, parsley, pancetta  23
Pork Belly slow cooked, pea greens, baby carrots escabeche  21
Cannelloni ricotta, spinach, cream corn, smoked bacon, crispy leek, parmesan  19
Wagyu Beef grilled flat iron cut, creamed spinach, confit potato  25

Steelhead Salmon seasonal vegetables, sauce vierge 23


Mixed Vegetables from Nutrient Dense Farm, parmesan, smoked sea salt  7
Cauliflower fried, spicy gochujang and miso sauce, sesame  7


La Sauvagine, QC cow’s milk, surface ripened, washed rind, buttery, creamy
Cabrales, Spain cow’s and goat’s milk, unpasteurized, blue, semi soft, creamy
Cendré de Lune, QC cow’s milk, triple crème brie, ash covered rind, buttery
Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar, PEI cow’s milk, unpasteurized, crumbly, aged 1 yr
Manchego, Spain sheep’s milk, unpasteurized, semi soft, nutty, sweet, 12 months
Selection of three served with pear and apple chutney, crostini  19


Chocolate Fondant  raspberry coulis, vanilla ice cream  10
Vanilla Cheesecake unbaked, brandied cherries, almond crumbles, cherry syrup  10

Wagyu Beef

grilled flat iron, red cabbage, smoked sea salt, chimichurri

Scallop Crudo

prosciutto, fennel, cucumber, apple pureé, aji amarillo


assorted, pickled mustard seeds, gherkins